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Mindfullness Eating

Five Senses Eating Method

“Do you enjoy eating using the five senses?”    I enjoyed dinner the other day at an Asian restaurant with my favorite friend.  I ate mi goreng which tasted very good. It reminded me the day I ate mi goring when I traveled to Indonesia when I was a student.  Since the dinner was so fun and the food was very good I forgot to take the photo!    It is good to eat nutritious food. But that’s not enough.  Eating happily with someone you like becomes a good nutrition for the mind and body. You don’t have to eat at an high-end restaurant. When you enjoy delicious food, anywhere is…

Nutrition Education

The Best Nutrition Education is at Home

The nutrition education is very important for kids from their early ages.  At school, kids learn so many subjects such as Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, English… Some have exams, too.  There is no special school only about nutrition for kids, but every day they receive a nutrition education from their parent(s), family, or at school at the unconscious level but it becomes their habit and it influences their lifetime health.  You don’t have to make your kid(s) sit down at the desk and talk about nutritional science. Please, don’t do it. It’s boring and kids will hate eating healthy.  But you can do some fun activities such as cooking,…