Health Coach for Two

To my health coach friends from all over the world!!
Have you ever thought about health coaching and helping more people in the world at the same time? 
Can you? Yes, you can!
There are approximately 7 billion people in the world, about 1 billion suffer from undernutrition, but another 2 billion suffer from obesity and the other health issues related to unhealthy eating. 
The non-profit organization TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) rights this imbalance simultaneously addressing the two problems through a unique “meal sharing” program. 
Over 700 corporations, universities, restaurants, and organizations execute the program in their establishments, products, and services, TFT has served millions of healthy meals to both sides of the “Table”.
On one side people are eating healthier meals and on the other children are receiving nutritious school meals. 
I brought the approach into my health coaching services. I donate 5% of the proceeds from all of my services to TFT.
Now, I came up with an idea to call my health coach friends all over the world to help children in developing countries while they are health coaching. 
I talked about my idea to Mayumi Uejima-Carr, the president of TFT USA and we decided the program should be named “Health Coach for Two”.
You can donate any percentage of your proceeds and the donation to TFT is used to provide school meals to children in East Africa.
If you are interested in participating this program, please contact ““, mentioning about “Health Coach for Two”.
And don’t forget to tell me that you are participating! I would like to connect with you! You can either message me on Facebook or email me at “



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