Feel the happiness you have right now

  One day in the last summer, I found this memo my daughter wrote in my bedroom. 

“Each second we live is a new event, so forget about the stressful times and think about the good days. Today:) “

When I found this memo, my daughter was 8 years old and she was in Japan for a summer vacation where my parents lived. At the time, I was in my apartment in New York.

I thought she left this memo to surprise me, so I asked my daughter about it, but she said she did not have any intention to surprise me, she had just written this memo, left it in the bedroom and forgot all about it. 

This memo was a big and good surprise for me and it gave me a very important lesson. 

Most of us live in too much stressful situations that we are too busy to think about happiness or gratitude. 

To become happier in your life, it is always important to think about your happiness or gratitude that you have right now. Feel that happiness and thank the people who support you every day. And more happiness will come to you, and it will roll into a bigger and bigger snowball. 


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