Purify yourself

I am in Stockholm, Sweden now. 

It is just a four-day trip to Stockholm this time, but about two to three times a year, I put myself in a different place far away from New York where I live. 

Not just because I love traveling, but also to purify myself. 

New York City is full of energy and I often get stimulated from New Yorkers.  But sometimes I get the feeling to get out of the city and refresh myself. 

It’s a little sudden, but that feeling always came from my heart telling me “It’s the time to go somewhere else.”

And I put myself to somewhere from the place where I always think about the thing I should do in everyday life, I find the quiet place, relax, don’t think about what I think I should do and just being there and focus on the view. 

Of course I also want to go sightseeing so I don’t always do this self-purification all the time when I travel, but I find the best spot for self-purification while I travel. 

It is not the place where I find from the travel guidebook or internet. 

Most of the time, the place I find is where I just stroll along without thinking of anything. 

And when I travel, I find the perfect place 100% of the time. 

On top of it, the serendipities happen while I’m traveling. 

Maybe for other people, they are not special things, but for myself they are always special, serendipities. I always meet great people at the perfect timing. 


You are always busy. 

But do you care about yourself? 

You are so kind and you care about other people, but caring about yourself is important too, but you don’t usually become aware of this importance.


I don’t mean that you can just be lazy or spoiled. 

Laziness and relaxing is not the same. 

Just relax, put yourself in a quiet place, don’t think about anything you should do and just focus on your natural heart. 


When you do that and change your mindset, you will have a bigger wiggle room in your heart then you will get more felicities, for sure. 



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